Review: bomb pops, blow dryers, and butterfly kisses by Angelia Waite

5 STARS!!!

Goodreads synopsis:

One minute, Ramsey was eating a popsicle by the pool.
The next, he was…gone.
In an instant-less than the time it takes to give butterfly kisses- the Waite family was forever changed.

Whether you have buried a child; had dreams and hope stolen; experienced a failed marriage, the foreclosure of a home, a debilitating illness, or any other type of devastating loss. I pray you find answers in this book and that they bring back peace and hope. If you are desperate for answers, reeling from loss or crushed by your circumstances, know that you are not alone. There is hope. There is always hope.


bomb pops, blow dryers, and butterfly kisses is Angelia Waite’s story of losing her child and how she found the strength to keep living.

One minute, Ramsey was eating a popsicle by the pool.
The next, he was…gone.
In an instant-less than the time it takes to give butterfly kisses- the Waite family was forever changed.

I truly believe that her story is going to help a countless number of people find strength. Whether it is through the loss of a loved one or any other struggle in life. This book takes you deep into a grieving family’s life, giving you glimpses of joy, pain, depression, and faith. I’ve never read anything in my life that has affected me the way that Angelia Waite’s story did.

I lost my brother seven years ago. Seven years ago, my mother lost her son. I was seventeen years old at the time. He was nineteen. I grieved for my brother – my best friend – in a selfish way, as many people do. All I felt in the beginning was what I lost. I was in a daze for some time, doing what I could to numb it. I knew that my mother was experiencing a loss far greater than mine. But it wasn’t until I gave birth to my son three years ago, that I acquired a greater understanding of what she lost. Of what it could have possibly been like to face the world after losing a part of yourself.

Angelia Waite gave me an even greater insight. It was a struggle for me in the beginning, as I was exploding with emotions. To this day, I have extreme reactions to fictional loss, whether it is books, tv, or movies. When people are portrayed dealing with grief, with the loss of a loved one, I usually end up sobbing. It always takes me right back to that day. In a weird way it is a release for me because I never knew how to grieve. But this book was different for me. This book was real. It was her real grief that I was experiencing.

As the story went on, I was experiencing so many emotions, as Angelia was throughout her journey. There are so many experiences in this book that made me feel stronger just by reading them. At the start of chapter three Angelia says that she almost deleted it. I am so happy that he didn’t and sure that many other people will be as well. That chapter is about grieving, and it is one that I wish I could’ve read seven years ago.

Angelia finds strength through God and scriptures. Even though I am not a religious person, I really loved all the scripture she put into the book. Also some stories from the Bible that I was happy to learn of. Her faith was a lifeline for her, and it was incredibly powerful to feel the strength of it through her writing.

I loved the way the book is written. I love how the chapters are organized. It is a book that you only put down if you need to calm your emotions. Otherwise, you can’t put it down. I hope, like me, many people will benefit from hearing this incredible woman’s story of love and loss.

“Right now, there are 132 million orphaned children in the world needing you to say “Yes.” The opportunity is before you. The children are calling you! Ramsey’s Rescue, a children’s home in Ramsey’ honor, I just on the horizon.”

Thank you, Angelia Waite, for giving me the opportunity to read your story. Your words, your strength, and your courage have impacted my life!

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